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Welcome to the 2023 CTOS Annual Meeting!

*Website access keys will be sent to attendees via email by October 30th. 

We invite you to join us for the 2023 CTOS Annual Meeting which will be held November 1-4 at the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

We are pleased to welcome keynote speakers Rick Haas, MD who will give the Nina Axelrad Lecture, and Katherine Janeway, MD, who will give the Herman Suit Lecture. Their presentations should not be missed!

Sarcoma of the year will be the Small Round Blue Cell Sarcomas, including Ewing, Non-ETS rearranged, the CIC-rearranged, and BCOR tumor family. Amongst a whole slew (or “slua”, if you prefer the original Gaelic version) of Special Sessions including ones focusing on: Sarcoma Biology and ‘Omics”, “Improving Sarcoma Care Globally: Access, Equity, Advocacy, and Policy” “Innovations and Controversies in Radiation Oncology” and “Novel Diagnostics and Bioinformatics”.

Introducing a new session during the 2023 CTOS Annual Meeting! Operative and Procedural Videos in Sarcoma Management, this session will take place, Wednesday, November 1 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Moreover, in order to generate more intellectual exchange between investigators, we are pleased to have ‘upgraded’ “Trials in Progress (TIP)” abstracts into a distinct category. For the first time, investigators can now pitch their ongoing projects as a TIP oral presentation to the broader CTOS audience! We hope this will increase interest and support from the entire CTOS community which will inevitably create a more impactful global footprint for sarcoma therapeutics advancement.

The morning Mentorship sessions will be featured again this year with many topics galore (or “go leor”, if you want the original Gaelic version of the term!). The Debate as a new presentation mode proved a popular hit at CTOS in Vancouver and will be featured again this year. There will be a welcome reception with traditional Irish entertainment, a poster reception, and the Gala dinner will be in the fabulous location of the Guinness Storehouse, where you will be treated to some more great Irish music, festivities, food, and of course plenty of Guinness.

CTOS is committed to fostering all aspects of sarcoma research and treatment. We welcome physicians working in all disciplines that touch on sarcoma care, including radiology (diagnostic and interventional), pathology, surgery (oncologic, orthopedic, reconstructive, neuro-), medical oncology, pediatric oncology, and radiation oncology. We also welcome translational and basic science researchers, survivorship care providers, nursing staff, patients, and patient advocates to join us as well to contribute to the scientific program.

Working together, we can expand the Global Reach and Global Impact of CTOS.

Warm regards,

CTOS 2023 Program Chairs                                                                      Carol Swallow, MD, PhD 2023 CTOS President

Rebecca Gladdy, MD, PhD
Ashleigh Guadagnolo, MD, MPH
Herbert Loong, MBBS, FRCP
Maureen O’Sullivan, MBBCh, MD